Should I buy a New or Used Toddler Bed?

Should I buy a New or Used Toddler Bed?

The big question New or Used Toddler Bed?

With my experience I would NEVER buy a used toddler bed. There are several reasons of why you shouldn’t buy a used bed and the last reason I am willing to bet will shock you. Just make sure you ALWAYS BUY A NEW MATTRESS for your toddler. I highly recommend a memory foam mattress for your toddler.

First is QUALITY

The first reason why I wouldn’t buy a used toddler bed is the quality might be diminished. If the frame is metal it could have stress bends from a toddler jumping on the bed. If the frame is wood it could have stress cracks in the wood from too much weight on the bed. With plastic beds there could be stress fractures within the frame with too much rough housing on the bed. One thing I can assure you is that if you buy a new toddler bed you know for a fact what kind of abuse the bed has been through. With buying new if any of the pieces are broken just can call the manufacture and have them replaced.


When you buy a toddler bed used there’s a chance it might have missing parts. Parts on a bed is very important. Usually when you buy a bed used the bed is already disassembled. You hope the person that disassembled it kept all the screws and bolts that went with it. If you buy new and the bed has missing parts you can call the manufacture(person you bought it from) and they will send you the replacements/extra’s.

Last is BED BUGS

Yes, I said BED BUGS. It doesn’t matter how nice the place looks there is a possibility of bed bugs in the frame if you buy used. This is coming from personal experience. My wife and I bought a used plastic race car bed from some very nice and clean people. They lived in a nice neighborhood just around the corner from us. The bed was very similar to this RACE CAR BED, but we paid $75 for it used. So, we brought the race car bed home and set it up in my sons room. About a week after we set up the bed we started noticing a rash on our sons arms and legs that looked like bug bites. We just figured the bug bites came from school, until we saw the rash/bites weren’t going away. We tried different kinds of ointments for his skin and nothing was getting rid of the rash/bites. After a few days of battling this rash that is when my wife noticed something in our sons bed when tucking him in. It was BED BUGS. Needless to say that was an expensive battle in itself.

The REAL cost of Buying that Toddler Bed USED

The real cost of buying that car bed used. I paid $75 for the used car bed. If you add the $2000 for getting rid of the bed bugs with it I now have $2075 in that used bed. That is why I ALWAYS recommend buying beds and furniture for that matter NEW.

This is my guide to getting rid of bed bugs and the different treatment options

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