How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Here is my official guide to getting rid of Bed Bugs

First some people might be wondering how they got bed bugs in the first place. You either got them from new/used furniture, hotels, or from a friend’s house. Those pesky bugs are hitch hikers.There are Three Different ways to getting rid of Bed Bugs. Some ways are more effective than others. So, I’m going to go in detail of the three options.

Option 1 is Freezing

The first option is freezing. Even though it may not be the best option, but freezing bed bugs can kill them. However, you have to use a very low temperature (0 degrees F or colder) for at least four days for cold treatment to work. Your freezer may not even be cold enough. The center of the item, such as bedding, being frozen must reach 0 degrees F. Use a remote thermometer to measure the temperature of the items you’re freezing. Begin counting the four days as soon as the center reaches 0 degrees F. So, if you live in a warm climate freezing the bugs isn’t the best option.

Option 2 is Chemical

The second option is Chemical Treatment. This option is better than the freezing treatment but not the best. Most Do It Yourself people try this option. If you do make sure you use Natural and Non-Toxic Sprays like THIS ONE. The last thing you want is one of your kids or pets getting sick from the sprays. They also have a powder that you can use like THIS ONE. The powder is fairly effective just make sure your kids and animals don’t eat it. With both the sprays and powders you will need to do several applications of the treatments. If you only do one treatment odds are you will won’t kill all the bugs.

Option 3 is Heat

Option three to me is the best route to go. Heat treatment is the most effective bed bug treatment available because it uses their biology and behavior against them. When bed bugs are looking for a blood meal, they search for a human host by detecting body heat and carbon dioxide emitted from breath. During a heat treatment, the bed bugs sense the rising temperatures and actually leave their hiding places to move towards the source of the heat (portable heaters). As the temperatures rise into the “Kill Zone,” (120-135 degrees Fahrenheit) the bed bugs are left susceptible to the rising heat as it is distributed evenly throughout the treatment area with high-powered fans. Now, I know heat treatment is expensive but it is a sure way of making sure the Bed Bugs are all dead. Heat Treatment is best done by a professional because they are trained people in fighting bed bugs. But if you would like to try the heat treatment yourself you would need a system like THIS ONE. Like I said before though I would highly recommend hiring a professional to do the heat treatment.

Bed Bug Prevention

To prevent your home from getting bed bugs you should take several precautions. If you go on vacation(It doesn’t matter where)and stay in a hotel when you get back make sure you put all the cloths in the dryer. If you decide to get new or use furniture I would recommend getting one of THESE to make sure you don’t have any unwanted hitch hikers on the furniture.

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